About Us

Left to their own devices in a Metro-Detroit basement, Mas Kihira & Will Saunders began making music together at the age of 12. Later separated by life’s struggles and losses, they reunited in California through happenstance…or perhaps fate. However, Will had abandoned music and was suffering. After a near death experience, Will approached Mas, who never lost touch with music, with a newfound clarity, hoping to rekindle the purpose and passion they once shared. Mas, having dealt with suffering of his own, sympathized and decided to join forces.  Destructive fires had left fertile soil for new growth. They had nothing left to lose and everything to gain.

Loser Company was founded in 2017 with a string of ten singles, followed by their 2018 EP 'Blueberry Skies' – containing the underground hit single by the same name. In December 2019, they met Shawn Stafford at a Los Angeles venue and two became three – just in time for the pandemic. The separation and longing induced by those trying times was brutal, but the pain laid the groundwork for their first full length album, 'The Floor'. Additionally and exciting to note is that Will's sister Olivia Saunders a.k.a. Saundy contributed her talents on 2 songs for a fresh new sound for the band. Cloistered away while life seemingly stood still, with nothing but time to process and grieve, they harnessed agony into song. 

'The Floor' was produced by Jeff Friedl (Devo, A Perfect Circle, Puscifer, Altitudes & Attitude, The Beta Machine) - and was recorded at Secret Hand Studios in L.A. with the help of Matt McJunkins (A Perfect Circle, The Beta Machine, Poppy, Puscifer).  'The Floor' will be fully released in 2024 and they can’t wait for you to listen in its entirety. 

In June 2023, the band including Saundy was joined by Alexa Lozano Jirado (piano/vocals) and Jordan Blackmon (guitar) at Secret Hand Studios to record an alternate version of the album 'The Floor', with video footage captured by Ed Shiers and photos captured by Michelle Shiers. Fans can expect audio and video from this session once they are completed. Photos from this session can be seen below. 

Loser Company’s history is full of potholes, but they wouldn’t have it any other way, as it taught them that the road evens out eventually… that there is value to be found in losing… that you should never give up.  If you lose everything, you can still do anything. Their slacker indie rock vibes call to any outcast soul who’s been on the loser side of life. They’re on a mission to make music rife with melancholic joy that helps people through tough times and reminds them to stay humble when times are good. They’re here to let us know we’re not alone in our loss, our pain, our anguish. That we’re all on the same boat and no one is getting off alive. That the universality of music can serve as a uniting force in divisive times. Losers, unite – or as they like to say, “Lose, with us”.

Will smiling Mas playing bass
Shawn rockin the drums Saundy smiling
Alexa singing and playing the piano Jordan holding the guitar
Matt and Junk at the controls Jeff with Shara's delicious cookies